Obstructed Views ...

Is it a landscape or a picture of a wall?

To start with, I am drawn to the mountain, even though the wall takes up the larger part of the image. I find myself drawn to the lightest part of the photograph ... and that part is in the frame within a frame.

So certainly a landscape for me; but what else is going on here? There are so many juxtapositions I don't know where to start. Poorly executed modern building practices starting to take hold in very rural areas. The wall separating us from the environment (a trend that is evident all over the world as communities modernise) and yet ... that hole will become a picture window that will eventually allow the environment back into the completed home.

The slightly reddish colour of the blocks below the window tell me that they are locally made and the wide cement joints particularly around the corners tell me that they weren't particularly well made ... in fact, I joined in with some of the locals on a block making session and found that the quicker they went, the more corners they lost off the blocks when they released them from the formers.

I can see that to the side of the window the blocks are bought in ones. I'd like to think that perhaps they came into a bit of money?

So most of the information in the picture comes from the wall but what that wall describes is the relationship the locals have with the land ...