In May 2018 the Trump administration abolished the White House pandemic response team.

The United States had an epidemiologist embedded in China’s disease control agency (set up specifically to counter another SARS outbreak).

In July 2019 she left her post and the Trump Administration decided to eliminate the role.

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In the early days of of the new Covid 19 virus, there was a disconnect between daily life and the storm that was coming ...

Mid December 2019 ... People begin turning up at hospitals in Wuhan with strange white spots on their lung scans.

The 26th December 2019 ... The virus is partially sequenced in a Chinese lab and found to be strikingly similar to the virus that caused SARS, a disease that caused eight hundred deaths throughout the world through human to human transmission.

The 30th December 2019 ... Word gets out via Chinese doctors using messaging apps.

31st December 2019 ... China’s National Health Commission instructs Wuhan health officials to announce the outbreak. Officials describe the disease to the public as a “viral pneumonia” that’s under control, with no evidence of human-to-human transmission: “We’ve investigated and it has no relationship to SARS.”

The 1st January 2020 ... Chinese doctors are rounded up by the police in Wuhan and branded 'rumour mongers' by Chinese state television.

The 5th January 2020 ... The virus is fully sequenced in a Chinese lab the results are not shared with the world until six days later.

The 20th January 2020 ... The Chinese government finally acknowledges that the novel coronavirus is spreading from human to human.

The 22nd of January 2020 ... China confirms it's ninth death from a new virus and the World Health Organisation meets to discuss whether to declare the outbreak an international health emergency.

In Bridport, Dorset, we are still blissfully unconcerned ... the camera club is having it's usual Wednesday night meeting and a visiting speaker, John Tilsley, is delighted to get to ring the bell to get everyone to shut up yacking. He'd taught all his life but had never got to ring the bell at school ...

Public Health England announce it is moving the risk level for the British public from 'very low' to 'low' .

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The 23rd January 2020 ... The death toll jumped to seventeen and the Chinese authorities cancel all transport out of Wuhan.

Figures compiled by the Chinese Railway Administration showed that approximately 100,000 people had already departed from Wuhan Train Station by the deadline.

The World Health Organisation met for the second day in a row and decided 'not' to declare the outbreak a Public Health Emergency of International Concern (PHEIC).

I cleaned the windows of a dinosaur shop ...

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The 26th January 2020 ... China bans the trade of wild animals throughout the country, both in the now infamous wet markets and online.

I traveled to London on a crowded coach to experience a virtual reality ...  I fought the Martians in Jeff Wayne's 'War of the Worlds' ...

It was also the day that the USA announced it's fifth case ...

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The 5th February 2020 ... Boris Johnson misses his third COBRA virus meeting.

I saw a bugle but no-one was sounding it ...

The 12th February 2020 ... Boris Johnson misses the fourth COBRA virus meeting ...

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The 14th February 2020 ... It's St Valentine's Day and France announces the first Covid death in Europe.

Virus free passengers are allowed to disembark from the stricken Diamond Princess docked in Japan.

I'm rather taken with some telegraph poles ...

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The 18th February 2020 ... Boris Johnson skips his fifth COBRA virus meeting.

The 22nd February 2020 ... Italy announces it's second death ...

I am traveling to Salisbury to view a light show in the cathedral.

The next morning in the hotel; the guests use the communal toaster, others serve themselves with food from the warm breakfast buffet as Italy locks down 50,000 people in Lombardy.

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The 26th February 2020 ... Seven new countries, including Brazil, announce their first case of Coronavirus.

A witness tells the Sunday Times that Dominic Cummings described the Government’s strategy as "Herd immunity, protect the economy, and if that means some pensioners die, too bad"

The next day, The 27th February ... Australia designates Covid-19 a pandemic and enacts an emergency response plan as President Trump declares “It’s going to disappear. One day, it’s like a miracle, it will disappear.” ...

I'm taking pictures of bird shit ...

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The 29th February ... NHS bosses warn of severe PPE shortages.

The 2nd March 2020 ... Government scientists agree that the public should be warned against greetings such as shaking hands.

The 3rd March 2020 ... Boris Johnson tells us that he's "shaking hands continuously",.

The 4th March 2020 ... the United Kingdom declares it's highest daily rise in cases ... 34.

California issues a State of Emergency ...

I'm taken with some Hula Hoops ...

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The 5th March 2020 ... The Prime Minister tells us to wash our hands.

The 6th March 2020 ... Donald Trump appeared on the news surrounded by doctors ...

“I like this stuff. I really get it. People are surprised that I understand it… Every one of these doctors said, ‘How do you know so much about this?’ Maybe I have a natural ability. Maybe I should have done that instead of running for president.”

I cleaned the windows at a care home but as a precaution I only cleaned the external ones and didn't enter the building ...


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The 11th March 2020 ...The Chinese Centre for Disease Control were slow to get on top of it. The World Health Organisation were slow to get on top of it. The British Government were slow to get on top of it ... 

And now, globally twenty per cent of all students are out of school. There are over 5000 deaths. Covid 19 has been reported in 118 countries.

The World Health Organisation announces a pandemic ...

It just might be getting dangerous out there ...

Mind you ... the Cheltenham Festival's still on ...

The 12th March 2020 ... The UK Government stops mass testing and contact tracing.

The UK Government claims that mass events would have little impact on the spread of Coronavirus.

"We are not, I repeat not, closing schools now" says Boris Johnson.

The 13th March 2020 ... France, Ireland and Germany close their schools.

Against UK government advice the Premier League cancels all top flight football fixtures and the London Marathon is cancelled.

The UK government lifts restrictions on travelers arriving from Covid 19 hotspots, these include Wuhan, Italy and Iran.

The UK government tells NHS staff to wear less PPE.

The 16th March 2020 ... Spain, Hungary, Germany, France, Colombia and Costa Rica close their borders.

Dozens and dozens of other countries have banned all events, closed schools, imposed movement restrictions or are in full lockdowns.

Brazilian president Jair Bolsonaro encourages mass demonstrations by his supporters against his opponents in congress.

The British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson jokes that push to build new ventilators should be called "Operation Last Gasp".

And if it wasn't all getting strange enough I came across this scene in a train station car park ...

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