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Contemporary Travel Photography; what is it?

To begin with, perhaps it's easier to say what it's not ...

It's not about sunsets, selfies or social media likes, and much more to do with disco dancing and Degas than you might, at first, have thought possible!

The talk has been developed over the past couple of years and travels through Iceland, Morocco, South East Asia and Uzbekistan, home of the Silk Road, a place where the memories of tall tales and terrible deeds swirl in the very dust. We will also travel in time to 1970’s America, turn of the century France and 1830’s Japan.

But the real trip will be through my thought process so hold onto your seats as it can get a little odd in there!

“Excellent talk, should be required viewing for all camera club judges!”

“Fun, informative - fires me up to get out my camera and out of my torpor”

“…following your talk I’ve found myself looking at things in MUCH more detail. And that is a true pleasure.”

Time Travel in South East Asia ...

When travelling through Indo-China, the past is never really that far away … the paddy fields sit cheek by jowl with the killing fields, at every turn you can see through the eyes of the photographic giants that have come before you. And then there is the noise, the traffic, the scooters … and the plastic chairs!

We laughed last night! Wonderful talk from Chris Hilton on 'Time Travel in South East Asia'...

Plastic chairs, children on motorbikes, people noticing his surreptitious photography, quirky signs, strange foods, shots from the hip ...

Not your usual travel photos, certainly not record shots but things only Chris would notice; the photos that no one else thinks to take and delivered in a sometimes funny,sometimes poetic, even literary manner.

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It wasn't all light hearted however - there were the grim, emotional thought provoking shots as well. Thank you Chris for making us laugh and making us think.

Helen Jones, Dorchester Camera Club

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Going Slowly in Belize ...

Not just your usual travelogue but a story of family reunion, discovering the local wildlife (before it gets eaten), broken cameras and dealing with the bureaucracy of the local bus company ...

I don't just record my travels with a camera, I also use a pen, so the talk is interspersed with the ramblings of a de-hydrated, sun burnt, sleep deprived traveler.