Documentary Photographer of the Year 2015

Run by the Documentary Group within the Royal Photographic Society; that year the competition was split into two categories ... amateur and professional ... I won the amateur section.

The brief was to produce five images to be hung in a panel with an accompanying statement ...

The events that unfold when a ewe gives birth to triplets are extraordinary.

After the ewe has been cleaned, the third lamb it is taken from the mother and its feet are bound with bailing twine. It is dunked, briefly, into warm water before being placed in a tub where the blood and amniotic fluid of another lamb, born as a single to another ewe, is rubbed all over it.

The two lambs, born of different mothers, are placed in the tub together so their smells can homogenise before being presented back to the second ewe as twins.

Once the ‘Cuckoo in the Nest’ is cleaned by its new mother the bindings are cut so the lamb gets to its feet and staggers ... just as a new born should, and smelling like her own lamb.

The images used were taken from my Farm Project ...