The Wedding - chris hilton

The Wedding

If a wedding is supposed to be the happiest day of your life then it should be the one day when it can all go wrong and it just won't matter ... happiness and love shall overcome; but with most people it's just not like that. The expectation of having the perfect day, the perfect weather, the perfect clothes, food, flowers, guests, behaviour ... and photographs ... can easily overwhelm a day that should just be pure joy.

Traditionally, most people just don't like having their photos taken. I realise that the advent of the Instagram generation is starting to skew that a bit, but we're talking about having a stranger point a camera at you, not about gurning for a selfie.

With that in mind, it's always seemed strange to me that after the vows, everyone traipses out for a set of stiff family portraits that are very much in the vain of the Victorian and Edwardian set pieces. People are normally  slightly uncomfortable and it usually shows ... it always seems more of an interruption to a wedding rather than an actual 'part' of it.

And ... they're supposed to be perfect ... all perfect smiles, all at the same time ... no wonder they never live up to expectations.

There will always be someone who looks like they're grimacing, or worse ... like they're trying to have a good fart!  Surely its better to catch people when they are genuinely engaged with the day? When they are laughing, smiling or crying but doing it all for real, with their friends and family.  Surely better to photograph the Bride and Groom when they're being natural instead of expecting them to behave like a couple of seasoned models doing a shoot for a wedding magazine?

Well, the Nobes, they were different, they didn't want any of that ... after the vows they allowed their guests to filter out. Some of them went to the bar, some of them to the gardens, they talked, they laughed, they joked, they interacted with each other in a way that was unselfconscious ... perfect for the photographer, although I have to say, I did get rather distracted by the knives and forks!

Would I shoot another wedding? Well the answer now would be maybe ... but it wouldn't be a question of me being the right photographer for the Bride and Groom, more a question of of the Bride and Groom being the right couple for me ...