I have, since 2017, exhibited regularly with the Dorset Independent Photographers ... I am a relative newcomer to the group that was founded in 1988 as a result of an inspiring weekend course in Dorchester led by Fay Godwin, a seminal figure in British 20th Century Landscape Photography ...

During the Covid 19 pandemic I became heavily involved with a community project to record what was happening in the local area. Bridport Lockdown became a photographic hub whose archives have been lodged at the local museum for posterity. 

Some of the photographers came together to produce the Endurance exhibition in the late spring of 2021 ...

Wanderlust Travel Photo of the Year ... 2016, Destinations Holiday and Travel Show, London Olympia.

Documentary Photographer of the Year ... 2015, The Rag Factory, Spitalfields as part of Photo London

Democracy ... Summer 2015 ... A multi-media project that explored the idea of Democracy and what that really means to ordinary people.